Bold Mining and Resources

Bold Mining & Resources (BMR), the principal holding company of the Bold Group, is a diversified natural resources company. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, we deal majorly in three sectors:

Mining of Iron Ore and Aggregate Stone

Infrastructure projects are the key to boost the construction sector in Indonesia. With Indonesia’s construction sector growing at 7-8% per year, demand for raw material used for construction projects is all set to surge at an unprecedented rate. We, at Bold, are perfectly poised to cater to this demand, by mining of resources like:

  • Aggregate stone
Through extensive R&D and use of advanced mining practices, Bold has transformed the mining industry in Indonesia. Owing to this, in January 2020, Bold Mining and Resources became the first company in Indonesia to obtain an export license and monthly export permit to export aggregate stone and boulders of various sizes to the international market.
Analysis Report

Investment advisory for mining and palm oil plantations

Indonesia is all set towards becoming a champion of the Asian economy as it is predicted to become the 5 largest economy in the world by 2030. The factors contributing towards this positive outlook are:

  • A young and technically competent workforce.
  • Sound economy and political stability.
  • Improved investment climate.
  • Growth in the educated middle-class segment.
  • Availability of natural resources in abundance.
A favorable growth outlook strengthened by a stable political environment post democratization of Indonesia gives investors the perfect opportunity to explore the country’s untapped potential. At Bold, we understand that setting up a business in a new country comes with its own set of intricacies – we therefore offer investment advisory for the following segments:
  • Large scale palm oil plantations
  • Mining
  • Greenfield projects
  • Mineral trade set-up
At Bold, we provide the best solutions for the client’s requirements like land acquisition from third parties, regulatory compliance, operations, distribution, and market set-up.
Mining & Resources empowers the new investor with simple, unbiased, and actionable professional advice. During this entire process, our client’s privacy remains our topmost priority. With a strong distribution network and emphasis on customer service, Bold endeavors to generate high value for customers. Our global positioning, augmented by an agile and efficient staff, enables us to support our customers’ business requirements in an efficient manner.

Mineral Trade

The mineral resources sector plays an important role in the Indonesian economy, having undergone considerable change ever since the country became a democracy. Operating out of a country that is rich in a variety of mineral deposits, Bold Mining and Resources is a leading trade house where we source and supply a wide range of good quality minerals to our customers. With our trading business supported by a wide portfolio of logistics services, we trade in the following commodities:

  • Coal
  • Iron ore
  • Nickle
  • Limestone
  • Clinker