Aiza Agrotech Private Limited

Aiza Agrotech, based out of India, primarily focuses on intertwining agriculture with the latest technological advancements. Aiming to boost export and import agricultural products between India, Russia, and Indonesia, Aiza Agrotech is the latest venture of Bold Group. With commendable efficiency, high-end techniques, and high-quality produce, Aiza Agrotech has made a mark in the trading world. Having registered itself with the APEDA and licensed under FSSAI, the key segments that Aiza Agrotech deals in are:

Export of Produce: This subsidiary of Bold involves itself in the export of a plethora of agricultural products from India. These include green chilli, dried red chilli, sugar, onion, rice, grapes, corn, ginger, and oranges to name a few. Besides the conventional fruits and vegetables, Aiza Agrotech is also recognised as a frontrunner in the export of agro-based products from a variety of plant-based supplements.
Agricultural Imports: Aiza Agrotech also involves itself in imports of agricultural commodities from the spiceshub, Indonesia. These comprise of high-quality clove, coffee, cinnamon and many more.
Seed Management: With strong emphasis on research and development, our team has begun researching into seed management to generate an organic, high-yield variety of seeds to deliver a higher output per sq. m.

What the Company Represents:
Aiza Agrotech aims to export and import authentic, good quality agricultural products by utilising the latest technology. Our team of efficient employees are committed to ensure that the quality of products never degrades or dwindles. The company represents a standard and that standard must sustain throughout. Sourcing commodities from Aiza Agrotech shall invariably help our customers to build a relationship of trust with the global market. We are committed, through our products, to establish transparency in the world.