Founded in 2001 as a mining company in Ballari, Karnataka, India, Bold Group has grown rapidly to become a global conglomerate by instilling a strong emphasis on stakeholder value creation. Since 2010, the company has shifted its headquarters to Indonesia. Our businesses today have evolved to cater to a wide range of sectors that include mining, mineral trade, agro trade, home and office automation services, thematic interiors, and investment advisory. Mr. Mohammad Shariq Khan, founder and CEO of Bold Group, has inculcated a culture of innovation in the way Bold operates – as a result of which, Bold Group has expanded its operations in four countries in a very short period. We are now focused on building platforms that will alleviate the entry barriers for new entrants into the mining, agro trade and oil plantation segments, and harnessing top notch technology to bring in a surge of automation that will transform everyday lives.

Bold Mining and Resources, based in Indonesia, is our iron-ore and aggregate stone mining enterprise that also offers mining and palm oil plantations investment advisories. Additionally, we also deal in the trading of minerals like gold, coal, and aggregate stone. Boldindo Beringin Jaya is a wholly Indonesia owned subsidiary that specializes in production, import and export of agro-commodities like spices and herbs. Recently, the Jakarta-based enterprise has ventured into affiliate marketing for new entrants into the Indonesian market. Bold Events, based in Dubai, offers a plethora of value-added event management services with in-house production to significantly bring down prices by doing away with outsourcing costs. Smart by Bold, based in Dubai, is a home and workplace automation services company that employs high-end technology to automate several operations. Bold Interiors offers thematic and curated home interiors for villas and other residential and commercial properties and incorporates Smart Solutions for automation where needed.

Aiza Agrotech Private Limited, based out of India is the latest venture by Bold that is invested in seed management and food commodity trade. Catering to the India, Russia and Indonesia market, Aiza Agrotech focuses on the import and export of high-quality produce. The company is now in research phase of organic seed production that delivers a higher yield per sq. m.